Rules for Transport

1. EVERY animal that boards MUST have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (aka CVI) or an  interstate Health Certificate with a veterinarian’s signature within 30 days of transport date.

2. EVERY animal on transport MUST have been out of the shelter environment at least 14 days prior to transport (meaning in foster care, boarding at a vet, or kennel facility). (Only exception will be if it is a private shelter run.)

3. ALL Medical records (including CVI/health certificate & rabies certificate) must accompany the animal and include:

     a. DH(L)PP at least 2 vaccinations (puppies 6 months of age or younger require 3 vaccinations before boarding and must be at least 12 weeks old). VACCINES MUST BE GIVEN AT LEAST 5 DAYS PRIOR TO TRANSPORT!

     b. Bordetella

     c. Rabies

     d. Heartworm Test

     e. Fecal – not required, but very much preferred

4. Spay/Neuter (or any other surgical procedure) must be done at least 5 days prior to transport.

5. No PREGNANT dogs after gestational week 5.

6. MEDICATIONS: can be given if prescribed by a veterinarian and the animal's NAME and clear INSTRUCTIONS are typed/written on a label on the original bottle (not in a baggie, envelope, mixed in with the pets food, smashed in a pill pocket, etc).  If an animal is on an antibiotic for a contagious illness, the medication must have been started at least 4 days prior to transport.

7.  Food will be provided by this transport, twice a day.  DO NOT SEND FOOD as it will not be given to your dog, unless the dog is on a veterinarian prescribed, prescription dog food for a medical reason. Potty/walk breaks are also done twice a day, WEATHER PERMITTING.  Water is provided at all times.

8. ALL dogs must arrive at transport with a martingale collar or harness with the name of the dog and a contact phone number for the rescue on the collar/harness.  ALL adopters must have a leash for arrival of their new furbaby! (If your dog arrives to transport without an appropriate collar or harness, one may possibly be provided at an additional charge)

9. EACH RESCUE MUST PROVIDE AN EMERGENCY CONTACT PERSON AND PHONE NUMBER - should there be any unforeseen emergency during the trip.

10. PAYMENT for transport is DUE upon receipt of invoice (usually 1-2 days prior to departure).

11. CANCELLATIONS will be allowed up to 72 hours prior to transport. After that, any cancellations will be charged a cancellation fee of $50/animal minimum. CANCELLATIONS within 24 hours of transport will be charged full price of the transport.(We apologize for this, but last minute cancellations cause costly issues for the transport as well as other rescues. We understand there are some things that are unavoidable, however, the van is prepared 5-7 days in advance and removing an animal from the run can cost hours of extra time/labor, not to mention the space for another animal to have been transported.)

12.  Last but NOT least.....BE KIND TO YOUR DRIVERS!!!! THEY ARE WORKING MUCH HARDER THAN YOU ON TRANSPORT, SO DON'T BE A DICK!!!!!!!! (That should go without saying but unfortunately it has to be said in the rescue community.  Remember, this is about the animals so keep your egos in check!)